Heey! Park-Boy Update - 30/12/18

Using the momentum from the IGMC 2018 I spent the week after the deadline doing a bunch of quality of life improvements to park-boy.

Here is the change log.

  • Added native controller support!
    • Make sure you enable it through the settings menu if you wish to use it
    • Includes custom control schemes for both the park buggy and build mode
  • Updated all run cycles with new animations
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs (Thanks a bunch to the guys at the Chibi-Robo discord!)
  • Added new build mode music to build computer
  • Added "quick switch" to toggle through available tools.
    • Mouse wheel for mouse
    • Shoulder buttons for controller
  • Added interaction with flowers and player
  • Water gun now causes AOE no matter where you shoot it


parkBoy_prototype_v1_2_RELEASE.zip 125 MB
Dec 29, 2018

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