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Original, clever, and really damn cute!

I'm really impressed with the all around quality of the work in this amount of time. Fun graphics, great music, and addicting game gimmick. It had me humming the home-spun tracks long after I played. 

A+ would play again and recommend.

We've had a good long chance to sit down with this one and loved it. It also just so happens to be inspired by games we're big fans of here, so there's a lot here we can give praise to, from the graphics to the audio and even the core gameplay loop. If only the days could be just a teensy bit longer (perhaps an upgrade?). We'd love to see this expanded upon in the future!


Thank you so much for playing it! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Yes, I absolutely agree with the day length (especially when you are trying to water flowers on the outer edges of the park) and a "make day longer" upgrade was definitely in my original design doc but I just didn't get around to adding it too the prototype...

I very much plan to keep working on the game so keep an eye out! Currently working on an update that fixes some of the outstanding bugs I didn't get too before the contest and adding native controller support. Just getting some of the ground work out of the way so I can get to adding more content!

Super fun! I enjoyed it the first time, going to play it again now with a mouse!  Love it. 


Thanks everyone for the kind words! Glad you are enjoying it!

Really cool prototype! 

Awesome Game! Love it!

You had me at inspired by katamari